Brooks Coming Home

Text: Walter Hildebrandt / Images: Peter Tittenberger
Published by Bayeaux Arts Incorporated, 1996.
ISBN: 1-896209-X.

Brooks Coming Home cover

Brooks Coming Home cover

Brooks Coming Home manages to break down the straight-jacket of history, subverting the doctrine of progress and the myth of settlement with the humanity of failure, the poetry of everyday life, and the voices of those often not heard.”
Allison Gilmour, Winnipeg Free Press.

“…the aquaduct and its sister projects were justified by ‘boosterism, and agricultural progress.’ BROOKS shows how this experiment failed after monumental human effort, at the expense of the workers who built it and the farmers whose livelihood it was supposed to sustain.”
Gerry Burkowski, Material History Review

Brooks Coming Home poster

Brooks Coming Home poster


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